Traits of Perfectionists

1. Unrealistic - have  goals that are higher than others often to prove they are competent

2. Driven - obsessively strive to improve their performance, even when over-committed

3. Exhausted -drain personal energy to hide personal feelings

4. Controlled -  pride themselves on always appearing in control

5. Compulsive - obsessively try to meet or exceed  internal standards thatare already too high

6. Procrastinate - leave things until the last minute

7. Narrow - can only validate success by measurable, concrete results

8. Outcome oriented -Deny success associated with the process and only applaud an outcome

9. Arrogant - often perceived as isolated, aloof or arrogant

10. Un-satisfied - never satisfied with their efforts and often feel out of control

11. Anxious - feel an uneasiness (they hate "not-knowing")

11. Judgmental - relentlessly find imperfection in themselves and others

12. Irresponsible -  let decisions make themselves, often indecisive

13. Humorless - difficulty laughing at situations  

(modifed from Pfifferling, J.-H. J. (2008). Healing the perfectionist surgeon. Facial plastic surgery clinics of North America, 16(2), 239–viii. doi:10.1016/j.fsc.2007.11.017)


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